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Madina Ali Mudey “I Became Unable To Walk, Sit And Sleep Properly. I Even Lost My Speaking Ability. “

My name is Madina Ali Mudey. I am 40 years old. I was born in Kismayo, in the Lower Jubba Region of Somalia. I now live in Karaan District, in Mogadishu City. My family is comprised of 9 members – my husband and I and our 7 children.

I’m just a housewife, and I do not do anything for an earned income. My husband is a driver, and he is the only breadwinner of the whole family. We moved from Kismayo in the midst of the civil war, and we have faced a hard life here in Mogadishu like most displaced families do.

As living conditions worsened day-after-day, I was found to be positive for TB in the year of 2002 for the first time of my life. I undertook a private TB treatment. I purchased TB tablets; and it was very difficult for my family to afford such expenses for the recommended six months it takes to be clear of TB. Alter four months, my family was unable to continue buying the TB drugs and I consequently had to quit using these TB drugs because of the costs.

On 15 March, 2015 I again became very sick and it worsened over the next two months. I became unable to walk, sit and sleep properly. I even lost my speaking ability. The TB disease is very painful. As I had no way to fund treatment on my own, and my husband was jobless in that period, he summoned his friends and relatives and discussed with them about what could be done to treat my illness. Fortunately, one of the relatives had been a registered TB patient at a SAACID TB clinic in Mogadishu. The relative described how he was registered in the clinic, and getting free drugs and services from SAACID. The relative suggested going the following morning to that TB clinic with me.

As I was unable to walk, my family rented a car to deliver me to the SAACID clinic. I was brought to the clinic early in the morning and I was almost unconscious. The clinic staff tested my sputum for three consecutive occasions and confirmed I had TB, and registered me as a patient.

Now I have been taking the TB drugs for seven months. I am completely feel healthful. I started feeling better after I was finishing the second week (15 days) of treatment, and since that I have been gaining more weight, sleeping better, and having more stamina. Now, as a normal person, I can comfortably sit, walk, sleep or even do the housework without feeling any pain. I will continue using this drug for the recommended few more weeks; and then I am free to continue my life normally.

I’m very happy that this time I succeeded in completing the course of treatment thanks to Allah and SAACID. As I am an experienced mother who has initiated this treatment twice, I will encourage the people not to go to the traditional healers that may use fire as a remedy, which is likely to worsen the condition. I am happy that I was brought to this TB clinic, and after these good services I promise that I will voluntarily refer people to this clinic. We cannot reward SAACID, but we will remember the organisation and its staff for the rest of our lives.

Only one of my children has gotten sick for this disease previously, and at that time, we managed to purchase the required drugs and now he is doing well. I knew that TB was curable disease provided that you have the right medication and proper nutrition as well.

TB is now becoming a well-known disease, and easily treated disease compared to the past. People now receive free-of-charge tests, drugs, and free health-awareness, such the kind of orientation that SAACID is providing. At the movement, when people feel tired, with prolonged coughing and pain they often suspect the TB illness. Also, the stigma associated with this disease is getting narrowed, and that is a good thing for all.

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