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Abdurrahman Mohamud Ahmed.”I hope that one day I will graduate to secondary education at this SAACID School”

“My name is Abdurrahman Mohamud Ahmed. I was born in Brawe District, in Lower Shabelle Region. I’m 12 years old. I live with my mother and father here in Mogadishu. I have two sisters and one brother. My family is a displaced family who fled from Brawe District because of the war.

Now, most of my relatives have returned to Brawe, but my family still remain in Mogadishu because of lack of affordable housing access in Brawe. My father has a job as a watchman for a private business in Mogadishu. He is not paid enough to cover all our needs, such as education and health expenses. My mother does not have a job, so she stays home and cares for us. My father always says that even if we could go back to our home town, there are less job opportunities there compared to Mogadishu City. Also education access is very limited in Brawe.

My eldest sister has finished secondary school, and now has no job, but she helps my mum with housework. My mother would like her daughter to be luckier than her and have a professional career. My sister wants to study at university, but it is very expensive for our family to send their daughter to university.

I joined to this school in the last academic year and I started in Grade Two. I definitely enjoyed learning at SAACID Dhagahtur Primary and Secondary School. My subjects here are Math, Science, English, Somali, Arabic, Islamic Education, Social Science, and Physical Education. Now I am in Grade Three; and I am happy that I have passed to Grade Three. I started this year in grade three, and I am delighted with my new class. The school has also become more interesting after holiday rehabilitation that was completed by SAACID. Also, this year our school has got a new garden and new more teachers. This school is really interesting. I hope that one day I will graduate to secondary education at this SAACID School; and I hope I will not miss the opportunity to study at a university like my sister.

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