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Water and Sanitation
SAACID has been active in water and sanitation (WASH) since 1993. Since that time, SAACID has built 160 deep well bore holes in central Somalia; and rehabilitated 141 other wells in Mogadishu and central Somalia.

SAACID has to date delivered in excess of 470,976,161 litres of free fresh water through emergency water trucking to as many as 170,000 Internally Displaced People (IDPs).

In sanitation, SAACID has to date built 1,672 latrines.

WASH is also integrated into SAACID's Community-Based Therapeutic Care (CTC) nutrition programme.

For more information on SAACID's WASH activities, please contact us.

Water testing - to ensure water is fit for human consumption

Drilling new deep-well bore holes for rural communities

Cleaning garbage from city streets

Canal rehabilitation - to increase family food production; and food security

Building permanent water infrastructure in rural communities

Building water points close to internally displaced persons camps

Rehabilitating old shallow water wells - to make them functional again