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SAACID has developed significant experience in the area of research (particularly in and around Mogadishu City) as one of the few NGOs with the knowledge, capacity, and transparency to collect reliable data on the desperate conditions of the Somali population.

SAACID conducts an annual national poll of Somalia, covering key political and socio-cultural questions pertainent to time. SAACID also conducts extensive research on the socio-economic conditions of the vulnerable Somali populations it serves. SAACID also conducts in-programme staffing and participant surveys.

In addition, SAACID is continuously collecting personal stories of human interest which demonstrate the great need, as well as the resilience and self-determination, of those SAACID is serving and/or aims to serve. SAACID also tracks data relevant to Somalia's security and overall macroeconomic situation, such as exchange rate fluctuation data.

SAACID partners others in conducting rapid assessment surveys to determine emergency and development needs in Somalia.

SAACID has partnered international research companies in developing data and information, which is vital to informing policy towards Somalia.

If you would like to know more about SAACID's Research sector, feel free to contact us.