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Livelihoods and Development

SAACID’s has provided programming in the Livelihoods and Development sector since 1996; and formally changed its organisational focus to become a development organisation in 1998.

SAACID’s Livelihoods and Development sector encompasses a broad reach of programmes – and has wide overlap with many other sectors SAACID operates in. For example, this sector has broad synergies with micro-credit, which SAACID has allocated to it Women's Empowerment sector. 

Examples of programmes that SAACID has included directly within this sector of 'Livelihoods and Development' are:

  • Infrastructure development;
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation;
  • Cash-for-work - where the outcome is a community good; and,
  •  Training for individuals and community leaders - with the aim of improving individual and family livelihoods, while also developing their communities.

Constructing a new school in Hodan District, Mogadishu

If you have any questions about SAACID's livelihoods and development programming, please contact us.