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Livelihoods and Development

SAACID’s has provided programming in the Livelihoods and Development sector since 1996.

SAACID’s Livelihoods and Development sector encompasses a broad reach of programmes – and has wide overlap with many other sectors SAACID operates in. For example, this sector has broad syneries with micro-credit, which SAACID places in Women’s Empowerment

Examples of programmes that SAACID has included directly within this sector of 'Livelihoods and Development' are the partnership with ILO entitled 'Employment for Peace' (garbage collection and street cleaning), and other cash/food-for-work programmes that provide individuals with income/food to improve their livelihoods while also developing their communities. Many of these programmes (such as Emergency IDP Settlement Rehabilitation) are implemented as responses to emergencies, but are included within this sector due to their larger positive impact on the livelihoods of the population and its economic and infrastructure development. 

Canal rehabilitation - Mahaday District, Middle Shabelle Region

If you have any questions about SAACID's livelihoods and development programming, please contact us.