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Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Surveys
Mogadishu has hosted a very large Internally Displaced Person (IDP) population since the fall of the last Somali government in January 1991. This population largely has been overwhelmingly ignored by everyone. The IDPs have subsisted in incredibly poor conditions, with no security of any form. They have been the constant target of militias, criminals, rogue businessmen, unscrupulous local and international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), local host communities, and even other IDPs. Security in the camps is appalling, with local militias and their families, as well as local criminal gangs and rogue businessmen basically using the IDPs as a source of indentured labour.

It is always incredibly difficult to secure funding to produce quality research, analysis and recmmendations on IDPs and urban poor. The inernational community talks a good game, but has rarely backed public concern with concrete action to map this group through a comprehensive and ongoing template.

SAACID continues to lobby donors and partners to invest much more into research. Until the research and database is there, the international communty always has the ut by saying "but there is no substantive data to back an intervention".