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Health, Nutrition and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Programming
SAACID's health, nutrition, and WASH programming began in 1992, as a response to the now infamous famine that threatened the lives of more than 2 million Somalis. Initially, SAACID worked with the Red Cross (ICRC) operating 75 wet food centres in central Somalia.

This operation was extremely successful. SAACID women managers repeatedly stood in front of conveys of food and literally stared down the barrels of the weapons of militias to get food through to those most in need. In many ways it was a defining moment in the lives of these women, who found their true purpose in life as they waited for the militias to make a decision to kill them or not. Hundreds-of-thousands of Somalis benefited from this programme.

While the need in the famine was obvious, the international community empathised and money poured in to alleviate the crisis. Yet the more systemic problem of a completely collapsed healthcare system did not gain the attention of the international community.

Even the most basic of first aid was (and is) problematic in much of the country. At that time, SAACID decided to invest in the provision of health, WASH and nutritional services where it could secure funding; and continued to draw attention to the huge holes in health coverage in the country. SAACID has been continuously operational in health, nutritional, and WASH programming since 1992 to the present. SAACID is committed to this sector in Somalia in the long-term.

Since that time, funding for health, nutrition and WASH has remained scarce, and SAACID has struggled accordingly to provide quality services to women, children and the poor. Currently SAACID manages 3 TB clinics, 2 hospitals and 9 specialist children's clinics.

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