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Assessments and Tracer Studies
SAACID conducts assessments and pre-programme surveys in the community for the large majority of programmes it implements. 

In addition, SAACID conducts tracer studies and programme reviews during and/or after programme completion whenever possible. See the sample set below of various assessments, programme participant surveys and tracer studies conducted by SAACID:

ILO EFP II tracer survey - November 2011

ILO EFP II participant and random sample socio-economic survey - March 2011

ILO EFP II EPI II data frequencies - March 2011

Rapid Assessment for Emergency Education 2007
(Report for UNICEF and Education Cluster)

Women's Micro-credit Programme - Client Survey  2005

Employment for Peace Participant Survey 2006
(ILO Funded)

DDR Programme 2005-2007 - Participant Tracer Survey 2008 (UNDP Funded)

Mogadishu IDP Settlement Rehabilitation Programme - Participant Survey Report 2007  (UN-OCHA and DRC funded)

IDP Settlement Rehabilitation Programme - Follow-up Survey 2008