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SAACID (say-eed - Somali, meaning 'to help') is an indigenous Somali, not-for-profit, non-religious, non-political, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded and directed by Somali women, that focuses on practical measures to enhance the life-options of women, children and the poor.

Our key theatre of operations is exclusively confined to Somalia. SAACID was founded in Somalia in October 1990. In 1998 SAACID formally moved to a development focus (from a humanitarian relief focus), as SAACID believes that it is only through long-term development that SAACID can help extract Somalia from the mire of conflict and poverty. This change in organisational focus has proved nearly impossible though, as most available funding for Somalia remains "emergency relief" related.

As part of SAACID's internal development, SAACID is now fully registered in Australia, Somalia and the US. The three sister organisations work closely together to provide a range of services and programmes for women, children and the poor within Somalia.

SAACID has earned a reputation among their local and international partners for the highest quality work - for transparency, accountability, sustainability, responsibility and sensitivity. This organisation is highly respected, and as a result, is able to achieve success where no other organisation can. SAACID has extensive experience in key sectors; and has built up widespread networks and trust within local communities. These relations being a prerequisite for successful intervention, development and relief work in the current context of Somalia.

SAACID envisions all developing countries as contexts in which all people can reach their full human potential. Where there is equitable access to food, shelter, health care, education, property rights and law and order. A country committed to peace, democracy, human rights and justice for all.
Mission: To help women, children and the poor achieve their full human potential

Vision: A world in which all women, children and the poor have full equality, and full access to the resources necessary to fulfil their potential
In fulfillment of SAACID's mission and vision, SAACID's programming is focused in the areas of:

WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT: Traditionally Somali women have had little say in the development of themselves, their children, their families, their communities, or their country. SAACID was originally formed as a women's advocacy organisation - to advance women's rights in Somalia. This remains a cornerstone of SAACID's mission.

LIVELIHOODS AND DEVELOPMENT: An essential component to move from the systemic anarchy and violence that has plagued Somalia for more than 30 yeas now is the provision of cheap financial credit, business and technical training and employment opportunities, which lead to better economic outcomes for Somali families. Opportunity and hope are a key prerequisites for stability; and stability is a core prerequisite for sustainable development. SAACID has been deeply committed to Livelihoods and development since 2008.

EDUCATION: SAACID has continuously operated schools in Somalia since 1994. SAACID believes that educating future generations of Somalis is the only durable way o institute systemic economic and social change in Somalia.

CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION AND GOVERNANCE: A key to allowing Somali women, children and the poor to develop their full human potential in a country that has not had any effective stability, security or governance for more than 30 years is the modification of behaviour that relies on violence.

HEALTH AND WASH (Water & Sanitation): A core component of human well-being is having access to fresh water and basic healthcare. SAACID has been active in thee sectors since 1992.

EMERGENCY RELIEF: Since 1991 SAACID has provided ongoing emergency programming relief to local Somali communities. SAACID accepts that emergency relief has been critical to saving lives in Somalis; but after more that 30 years of 'crisis', nothing has changed - Somalia remains in 'crisis'. SAACID continues to question the international prioritisation on 'emergency' over 'development' funding in the Somali context.

SAACID continues to develop an active RESEARCH sector, which collects data on the needs of the Somali population and tracks the impact of SAACID programmes on the lives of those SAACID serves.